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Experience the Wonders of the Wunda Chair - Part 1

  Open to all

Sat 24th March 2018

Hana Jones 10:00am to 5:00pm

Studio 1, Clerkenwellbeing, 178 Goswell road, London , EC1V 7DT

CPDs: 7 Please bring: a mat and theraband

Places Available


Member £120
Non-member £190

About The Workshop

The Wunda Chair is the most versatile of the smaller pieces of Pilates apparatus. The repertoire on the Wunda Chair brings additional challenges to help take us to another level of functional understanding of the deep structural support our centre gives us in our life-long relationship with gravity. It can be used to target and improve upper body strength and musculoskeletal balance and function, as well as providing a wide range of weight-bearing exercises to ensure healthy bone density. It is a powerful resource and an invaluable piece of equipment. 

Hana was the first Pilates teacher in this country to include the Wunda Chair in her studio. When she was introduced to it in the late 80’s she discovered an even greater depth to the Pilates Method than she had ever experienced before. She brings her passion for this piece of apparatus to this workshop alongside her lengthy experience in its use.




Workshop Review

Hana’s Pilates classes and workshops are reflective and thought provoking. Under her guidance, you are given the opportunity to rethink your approach to your practice. Her hands-on tactile approach gives you the confidence to open your thoughts to new options and possibilities regarding Pilates. Her use of language supports a visual framework for both teachers and clients, and as a result, promotes a very cohesive and connected experience to the Pilates repertoire” Ethelinda Lashley board member and comprehensive Pilates Foundation teacher based in Edinburgh.

“In my opinion, Hana Jones is one of the best teachers of any of the many methods I have experienced. The profound depth of her knowledge and her personal warmth informs her teaching so that any contact with her is a true learning experience, be it a workshop, private class or informal discussion.” Vanessa Smith Pilates Foundation Teacher Trainer and studio owner based in Glasgow.

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