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Melt Method with Sue Hitzmann - DAY 2

  Open to all

Sat 7th October 2017

Sue Hitzmann 10:00am to 5:00pm

Balcony Studio, Academy Mews Dance Studios, 5 Pratt Mews Camden, London , NW1 0AD

CPDs: 7 Please bring: a mat, Melt Method equipment will be provided and can be purchased after.

Places Available


Member £120
Trainee £100 Non-member £190

About The Workshop

3. The New Science of Stabilization and the NeuroCore - 10 - 1pm

Learn about the remarkable core system that provides head-to-toe stability and connection far beyond muscular strength. The NeuroCore’s dual mechanisms – the Reflexive and Rooted Core – offer a more complete model of whole-body grounding and support. Discover new research and models that will transform the way you think about the powerhouse.


4. MELT Rx: Upper Body Makeover - 2 - 5pm


Many Pilates exercises require neck stability, but many clients walk in the door with the pain and discomfort of neck issues. The repetitive postures of daily life, such as texting, working on a computer, or even carrying children, create tension and Stuck Stress in the upper body. Whether you teach mat classes or apparatus work, this limits participants’ ability to do the exercises correctly and increases their risk of injury. Learn how to restore stability and control with MELT Upper Body Recovery and Performance sequences.

Cancellation Policy

Pilates Foundation reserve the right to cancel or re-schedule any of the above workshops. In the event of a workshop being cancelled, the organisers are NOT responsible for refunding any personal travel arrangements, hotel reservations, etc. All personal financial arrangements are the responsibility of the individual. Therefore please check with your travel agent as to cancellation or transfer fees/policies prior to booking.

Should a workshop be cancelled or re-scheduled and payment for the workshop has already been made, a full refund will be issued, or if you prefer, a transfer of the workshop cost will be made to the rescheduled workshop, or to an alternative workshop hosted by the Pilates Foundation.

The following cancellation penalties apply: Cancellations 4 weeks prior to workshop or more: £25.00 Administration charge; 15 – 28 days prior to workshop: 25% cancellation charge; 8 - 14 days prior to workshop: 50% cancellation charge; 0 – 7days prior to workshop and ‘no shows’ on the day: 100% cancellation charge. Please note, by making a booking, you are deemed to have read and acknowledged the above-mentioned cancellation charges.