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May 13 Fri

13 May 2022


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May 13th-15th May 2022
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Feb 07 Mon

7 Feb 2022

Who was Joseph Pilates?

Pilates News

Joseph Hubertus Pilates was born in Monchengladbach Germany in 1883. As a child, Joe had asthma and other ailments so he turned to exercise and athletics to battle them. He became enamored by the classical Greek ideal of a man balanced in body, mind, and spirit, and he began to develop his own exercise system based on this concept.

Oct 04 Thu

4 Oct 2018

Bilateral Congruency by Marguerite Galizia

Pilates News
Photo Credit Anthony Cullen AJC3019

Asymmetry is something that comes up a lot in my work. My own scoliosis gives me an inherent asymmetry that makes it impossible for me to skip straight to the hundred in my own practice. But my observations of other bodies is that, whilst there may not be a scoliosis, asymmetry is very common.

Sep 03 Mon

3 Sep 2018

Why Men Should Meet Pilates

Pilates News
Photo Credit Anthony Cullen 6

A common misconception/tale is that Pilates is only for woman. I’m constantly hearing from my male friends in or around the studio, “Isn’t Pilates mostly women?” or “Pilates is just like Yoga right?” I’m here to break that rumor and tell you why Pilates is great for everyone, especially our MEN.

Jul 11 Wed

11 Jul 2018

Pelvic Placement: Put Your Pelvis Where It Belongs to Improve Posture and Reduce Pain

Pilates News
Photo Credit Anthony Cullen AJC3385

Are you dealing with annoying chronic aches and pains, or have you experienced an injury that seems impossible to fully recover from? Body posture and proper pelvic placement play a HUGE role in how easy (or challenging) it might be to maintain your whole-body health. Doing Pilates can be an excellent way to explore exercises to help you improve pelvic placement, enhance posture and body awareness, and put your pelvis where it belongs to help develop healthy movement habits for better functional movement.

Jun 14 Thu

14 Jun 2018

This pilates instructor reveals how you can gets abs by changing the way you breathe *sucks in stomach immediately*

Pilates News
Photo Credit Anthony Cullen AJC2849

Ever wondered why the 100 crunches you do in the gym every day aren't giving you the six pack you want?

Well, a pilates instructor has revealed a much easier and more efficient way to get a toned tummy.

Jun 14 Thu

14 Jun 2018

No, You're Not Too Manly for Pilates

Pilates News
Photo Credit Anthony Cullen 08

If you think Pilates is only for beautiful women with ballerinas' bodies, you're probably not alone.

But you — and everyone else who buys into that narrow line of thinking — are wrong. Despite this common misconception, Pilates can be a great workout for everyone. The practice incorporates all the elements of healthy physical movement: breath, posture, strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility. Guys need to be able to move, too, so beards and chest hair are just as welcome and encouraged in the studio as yoga pants.

Jun 01 Fri

1 Jun 2018

Pilates and Exercise for Osteoporosis Rebekah Rotstein on Prevention and Safe Pilates Exercises for Osteoporosis

Pilates News

Exercise for osteoporosis is a confusing subject. There are exercises for prevention, exercises for rehab, and safety concerns for exercise if you have osteoporosis. Pilates is a form of exercise that is often mentioned with regard to osteoporosis. But in Pilates, there are definite parameters as far as what exercises are appropriate for osteoporosis.

Apr 18 Wed

18 Apr 2018

Pilates for Children by Tash Barnard

Pilates News

Children are the most important resource on our planet and educating the next generation both physically and mentally is up to us. As Pilates instructors/parents we have a responsibility to help impact the next generation by ensuring their physical development.

Teaching children Pilates will not only ensure that they live healthy lives, but will also teach them to respect their bodies and that of their peers, the ability to focus and concentrate, to breathe correctly and thus enable them to relax. They will also learn to control their bodies and start to move with determination in both work and play.

Apr 12 Thu

12 Apr 2018

Pilates Business: How to Take More Time Off and Maintain Your Business by Lesley Logan

Pilates News

It is possible to take time off when you want to and it is possible to teach the hours of the day you love and the dates you want to teach. But, you have to set your business up that way!