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Sam Hopkins

Embody Being
Address :
Vision Fitness, Parsonage Farm,Church End Henham, Essex, CM236AN


Pilates Foundation Mat Work

About Sam

Welcome to Embody Being

My own life experiences and healing journey have led me to deep self enquiry, inner connection and endless curiosity.

It is now my passion to share what I have learned and to help you navigate your own unique path.

I will help you empower yourself to create lasting positive change, through movement, breath-work, intuitive healing and empowerment coaching,

Working closely together, uncovering deep and powerful connections to self, enabling you to fully embody every part of your being. Discovering your true essence, giving you the freedom to openly and wholeheartedly embrace and enjoy
your best and most fulfilling life.

Pilates and Movement
My Passion for Pilates & Movement came through my own challenges with chronic back pain and stress-related illness.

Pilates has enabled me to completely change my life, not only dramatically improving my overall health and well-being but also unexpectedly it has given me a deep mind and body connection, opening my spiritual & personal growth path.

It is now a huge part of my mission to help others benefit from this amazing method, to move with ease, reduce pain, rehabilitate from injury and find their own way to connect mind, body and soul and truly be in balance.

I teach in person group classes and
121 session at Vision Fitness in Henham, Essex, also at your home in the surrounding area's and online..

Intuitive Healing
Through mind and body connection work, I came naturally to healing and began deepening my spiritual path.

I have delved into and studied various practices and modalities, including Reiki, Mindfulness, Meditation andTrew Method Intuitive Healing, which I now incorporate into my group and 121 programs.

Our beautiful bodies are incredible and hugely resilient, being able to endure much stress and trauma, however this can manifest in emotional blocks that can keep us from our true potential.

Healing work can allow us a way of realising these blocks, giving us the space & ease required to come into alignment
and find our true essence.

Empowerment Coaching
Whilst creating space and ease in my mind and body I found a new curiosity and wonder for life..

Diving deep into personal development & spiritual teachings, attending multiple trainings and workshops and working closely with my mentors and coaches, I am forever learning and growing and refining my own best life.

Our mindset creates our reality, through our childhoods and life experiences, we are so often left unknowingly with deep negative programming that is defining our life as we know it.

Empowerment coaching opens the doors to a new way of being, to fully step into your truth and create your best and most fulling life!