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Laura Ramazzina

BalanceME Pilates
Address :
Temple Fortune - London, NW11

About Laura

Growing up as a very sporty child, Laura suffered with knee pain throughout her adolescence. In her early 20s she discovered Pilates as a whole new way of thinking about her body. Gradually Pilates became a hobby and a passion. After starting a family, Laura struggled with the incompatibility of long work hours and motherhood. She left her career in advertising to look after her kids.

Moving to London, and with the kids growing up, she decided to transform her passion into a new profession, and completed the 2-year Pilates Foundation Comprehensive Teacher Training with Anne-Marie Zulkahari. A back injury followed by an operation during the training gave Laura a first-hand insight into how debilitating back pain can be. This experience also showed her how Pilates can re-educate and rehabilitate the body.

Laura has worked with a range of clients with different conditions such as lower back pain, spinal and disc issues, and also pregnant and postnatal women.

Laura’s teaching aims to help clients to improve their body awareness, alignment and wellbeing. She believes Pilates is for all and loves to watch her clients progress, session after session.