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Malene Wells

Malene Wells Pilates
Address :
Mulberry Cottage, SO510LW


Pilates Foundation Matwork Training programme under Leila Coppock’s tuition at Bodywise in 2016

About Malene

Malene Wells moved to London from Denmark in 1996 and discovered Pilates soon after. Having suffered from lower back problems since childhood, she found that Pilates made a big difference.
However, it was only when she was asked by a friend to be a Pilates case study candidate that she realised just how much more there was to Pilates. Going from overcrowded London classes to this intensive one to one experience was the trigger that led her to wanting to share her passion for Pilates.
Malene enrolled on the Pilates Foundation Matwork Training programme under the tuition of Leila Coppock’s tuition at Bodywise Salisbury In 2015 and graduated in 2016. Malene particularly enjoys seeing her clients grow in confidence, increase their body awareness, improve their suppleness and strength as well as achieving a sense of empowerment in their own body.
Malene has a strong belief that emotional stress and trauma can have a detrimental impact on the body and is keen to explore ways of releasing these stresses through conscious movement, improved breathing patterns as well as the ability to allow the body to truly switch off through deep relaxation techniques.