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Hilary Neethling

Address :
, SE8 3DZ


Hilary holds a BA in Psychology and Linguistics, ARAD and PDTC Teaching certificate from the Royal Academy of Dance, and has recently completed her Pilates Teachers Qualification with the Pilates Foundation, UK. She has more than 12 years experience as performer and dance teacher and has worked with a wide spectrum of dancers both abroad and in the UK.

About Hilary

Hilary’s teaching methodology has evolved into a multi-layered construct, which has strongly been influenced by her studies in Psychology and Pilates. The issue of body - mind integration in the learning process of dancers is at the centre of her approach. In essence, she places great emphasis on sound embodiment of movement principles to enhance technical and artistic excellence, but strives to create a learning environment that acknowledges “the essence of movement as means of expression that could reverberate on a much deeper level in terms of the well-being of the individual”.

Hilary currently enjoys teaching master classes and is actively pursuing her interest in dance health and psychology by attending conferences and workshops arranged by Dance UK, IADMS and the Pilates Foundation.