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Sara Antes Rigg


Sara Antes Rigg
Precision Pilates
Address :
61B South Parade, W4 5LG

About Sara

Sara Rigg - Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. but has been fortunate enough to have also lived in South Florida, Chicago, Stuttgart & Düsseldorf, Germany. Sara has very happily called London 'home' since 2007.
She earned a B.S. degree in Education and was a primary school teacher prior to moving to London. Having now gone down a different career path she began to notice that the demands of a 'desk job' led to much less time moving and developed ongoing back, neck and shoulder pain.
She began running more frequently for longer distances and, while recovering from an injury, her physiotherapist recommended Pilates as a way to counterbalance issues arising from sitting all day then pounding the pavement. She has been speaking the praises of Pilates ever since. Several years ago, Sara realised she could combine her enjoyment of Pilates with her love of teaching and trained with the Pilates Foundation under the guidance the vastly experienced Sasha McLennan.
Sara firmly believes it is never too late to 'do what you love'.