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Charlotte Moorley

Connected Pilates
Address :
East Devon, EX13 7RF


Matwork Teacher Training with Bodywise Pilates
Pre & post natal training with Mama's Pilates

About Charlotte

Ask a Pilates teacher what Pilates is and we all have a different answer, which is part of the joy of it. This, plus the concept of practice makes perfect. We practice Pilates, in Matwork following the classical repertoire of 34 classical exercises and yet, after (a lot of) years of following the method, I am still finding new variations and new reasons for these in my own body.

To teach Pilates therefore is to try and convey to my clients some of these subtleties. To allow individuals to find their own internal dialogue which hopefully translates outside of our classes into understanding your own patterns and movement in day to day life, making adjustments and finding a comfortable and useful way to live in the body you inhabit.

I want my classes to be fun and informative. To teach you Pilates, strengthening those small internal muscles that hold us all together, to allow you to build a body that is organised and works as effectively as it can for now and a long way into the future.