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Grace Lillywhite

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About Grace

I have been practising Pilates myself for 20 years, having discovered it when recovering from a back injury that threatened my career as a dancer. I fully credit the Pilates method with my recovery from injury and continued to use Pilates to support my dance training. I believe Pilates is a fantastic support method for other forms of exercise and have enjoyed working with athletes including dancers, basketball players and runners alongside my more remedial approach to the Pilates method. I specialise in working remedially and have had great success in rehabilitating disc issues, sacro iliac problems, unexplained back pain, scoliosis and shoulder injuries.

Pilates has been a huge part of my life ever since I discovered it’s many benefits. I fulfilled my ambitions as a dancer by performing in various productions including the musical ‘We Will Rock You’ but while I was performing I began to teach Pilates matwork within a small studio. I found this so rewarding and when I saw how my teaching was changing people’s bodies, I decided to take my teaching to the next level by training with The Pilates Foundation at Laban.

I trained with the Pilates Foundation because I believe their course to be the most well-rounded and specialised teacher training programme in the UK. The Pilates Foundation are recognised by the NHS and have the highest standards of teaching. After 18 months of full-time training, with over 1500 hours of study, I am qualified to teach both matwork and machine work and, as a requirement of my Pilates Foundation membership, I continue to study and attend workshops. I am fully insured and hold a current First Aid certificate. I am also a member of the Guild of Pregnancy and Postnatal exercise instructors.

My training included all of the classic Pilates repertoire as well as ‘pre-Pilates’, somatic theory and anatomy and I attended workshops in Alexander Technique and the Feldenkrais method, which I draw from in my work. My 10 years of experience as a dance teacher also add to my teaching style. I attended Rachel Rafiefar’s pre and postnatal specialist course in November 2010 as part of my professional development and have since passed the Pilates Foundation pre and postnatal exam. I am constantly studying and in 2012 I attended a ‘Sole to Spine’ workshop with Madeline Black, ‘Pelvic Power’ pre and postnatal workshop with Judy DiFiore and Moira Clark, ‘Somatics’ with Dr Brian Ingle and Pregnancy Yoga with Nadia Nahrain at triyoga. I am now a fully qualified pregnancy yoga teacher, which I incorporate into my work with pregnant women.

When I finished my training I spent 2 years working at Laban Pilates Studio, TrevorBlountPilates and In Touch Pilates, while setting up Your Pilates to introduce my own classes across London. I continue to teach at In Touch Pilates alongside my personal projects. I teach in a unique fashion, tailoring classic Pilates exercises to suit individual needs. I believe that Pilates is for everyone; whether you are a sports person who wants to improve your performance, are recovering from injury or have never exercised before, I can develop a programme that will challenge and reward you.