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Jessica Moolenaar

The Sunflower Centre
Address :
81 Tressillian Road, Hilly Fields, Brockley, London, SE4 1XZ


See biography. Certified by Alan Herdman in 1999.

About Jessica

Jessica received her initial professional dance training at the Theatre school in Amsterdam (BA Hons) and at the Place Contemporary Dance School in London. She then went on to have a successful career as a performer in Contemporary Dance in the Netherlands for a decade, until injuries forced her to retire and retrain as a Pilates teacher. She has been involved with movement and health practices for 35 years now.
Jessica trained with Alan Herdman, a Pilates Elder, who brought the Pilates Method to the UK in the seventies and developed a more evolved Pilates practice, taking into account the remedial needs of his clientele. Jessica's own injury history and the rehabilitation process using Pilates and other complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) modalities have given her invaluable experiential knowledge to work with a variety of people and their needs.

Jessica has taken additional foundational courses in various complementary health modalities to inform her work: Thai Yoga massage, Zero Balancing and Cranio Sacral Therapy and she is currently studying Somatic Experiencing, a holistic form of trauma resolution. She has been practising Alexander technique, Yoga, T'ai chi, Chi Gung, Feldenkrais and practises mindfulness meditation to complement her movement practises. Jessica undertook an MSc in Advanced Professional Practice in the school of Integrated Health of the University of Westminster to satisfy her curiosity in the underpinnings and context of Complementary and Alternative Medical practices and in particular her own Pilates practice. She obtained a teaching certificate in Teaching and Learning in the Lifelong Learning sector at City Lit.

Jessica's vast knowledge and interest in movement and dance, anatomy and physiology, complementary and alternative health and movement practices, and the sciences underpinning them, continues to inform her teaching of Pilates to the general public as well as to Pilates teacher training students and professionals and movement practitioners of all levels.

Since 1999 Jessica has been a member of the Pilates Foundation UK, the only not for profit professional Pilates body in the UK, with the highest standards in training Pilates teachers. She worked in various Pilates studios in London and set up her own mat classes. She has been providing in depth equipment and mat work tuition for both the general public and dancers at the BA Programme, One Year Programme and the Summer school at the Pilates Studio at the Trinity Laban Dance Conservatoire since 2001. She also teaches dedicated remedial Pilates work in mat and equipment for injured dance students.

She has been an accredited Teacher Training Provider with the Pilates Foundation since 2001 and has been responsible for the training and certification of most of the current teachers in the Trinity Laban Pilates studio. She has been providing master workshops for the Pilates Foundation for many years and provides supervision and consultation for Pilates professionals on request. She teaches a weekly masterclass in advanced matwork for Pilates professionals. She is currently serving as a committee member of Professional Standards in the Pilates Foundation. She is a member of the PMA, the only international Pilates body and the British Holistic Medical Association. She is on the register of the Dance UK health professionals.

Jessica has a person centred approach to all her work and teaches fluid and effortless movement, incorporating a mindfulness approach to instill better movement habits without losing sight of the whole person and their functional needs.

Her special skills and interests are musculo skeletal rebalancing, injury rehabilitation, dance injury rehabilitation and injury prevention, neuro muscular re-patterning of ingrained faulty postural habits, working with clients with neurological conditions, scoliosis, hypermobility, chronic pain syndromes and trauma.