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Mo Morgan


07958 657643
Mo Morgan was Wilkins
Address :
c/o 67 Blackheath Park, SE3 9SQ


B.Humanities Dance/ Art
Brigid McCarthy - Matwork
Jessica Moolenaar - Mentor, 1-2-1/ studio sessions/ mat classes

About Mo

Mo Morgan

Mo trained in professional dance and theatre at Bush Davies Vocational Arts School and graduated in Dance/Art from Goldsmith’s College, London University. Alongside her professional dance and theatre work Mo developed a career in health, fitness and wellbeing through teaching, educating and lecturing. She worked during the late 80s, 90s and ‘00s in many exclusive West London health clubs and within the community, specialising in elders (over 50’s to 95!) and ethnic minority groups.

After making connections in Edinburgh from 2009, Mo returned to professional contemporary dance classes and experienced working with Lucy Boyes (mentored by Frank McConnell), Gelabert Azzopardi and Bill Evans amongst participation with many other professional dance/theatre practitioners through projects, workshops and classes.

When her Mum was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, she was inspired to set up, coordinate and teach with other professional dancers/teachers alongside live musicians, “Dance for People with Parkinson’s” classes, wholly supported by the Edinburgh Parkinson’s Branch of P.UK and based on the approach of the Mark Morris “Dance for Parkinson’s” programme. These classes continue to run successfully, now supported by Scottish Ballet and Dancebase, Edinburgh.

The physical demands of professional dance and its results on a mature body prompted Mo to take her physiotherapist’s advice to attend Pilates classes. Finding the classes of great benefit and impressed by the quality and professionalism of different Pilates Foundation teachers she experienced, Mo undertook her own Pilates Foundation matwork training with (their trainer) Brigid McCarthy, (one of the founding members of the Pilates Foundation and more recently founder of the Independent Pilates Teachers Association). Mo successfully qualified in 2012.

Combining her dance, health and fitness background with her additional knowledge of Pilates, Mo developed a portfolio of private classes, personal clients and often covered for many long-established Pilates instructors.

Mo also developed Pilates classes for People with Parkinson’s, which remains a special interest. Hypermobility, remedial work and recovery post injury/operation are other aspects of particular focus which have been key areas of her on-going professional development and interest.

On returning South full time in 2014, Mo continued to develop her own personal Pilates practice in studio and matwork with Jessica Moolenaar and subsequently was invited to teach with Jessica in southeast (SE) London. Jessica recommended Mo to take over Bingxi Wang’s established SE London classes. Subsequently Mo has also inherited Jessica’s long established matwork classes and is thoroughly enjoying her current teaching remit of classes and private clients. Bridging training in studio work is her next goal as time and work permits.