Online Mat Class - Anja Schall

Pilates Foundation

25/02/2024 - 10:00 to 11:15 Anja Schall Zoom Matwork

About This Class


This Sunday morning mat class will have a playful flow that explores our deep fascial connections and provides a centring and warming practice within. It seeks to provide an opportunity to unwind, to nourish, to practise together and to put a spring in your step coming into the lighter season. If you can't attend "live" book now to receive the recording link after the classYou will have access for 30 days.

You will need:

Overball - inflated by half.

Spikey Ball - ideally not too hard.

Cushions - to support if needed.

Anja found a love for Pilates whilst working in the contemporary dance sector with people from many walks of life. She completed the Pilates Foundation Matwork Teacher Training at The Place in 2008, became a Pre- and Postnatal Pilates teacher with Rachel Rafiefar in 2009 and bridged with Jessica Moolenaar of Mindful Pilates at Trinity Laban in 2010. Alongside her regular classes, Anja has enjoyed nurturing new Pilates teachers since assisting Jessica Moolenaar in her matwork teacher training course in 2013/14. Anja has a special interest in women’s health and remedial Pilates and joined Carolyne Anthony’s international faculty at the Centre for Women’s Fitness in 2018 before relocating to southern Germany.

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