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10/07/2024 Dianne Graci Recording of Online Workshop Workshop Equipment to bring: Light hand weights (2kilo - 6kilo), Block, TheraBand

About This Class

The very best way to improve your golf or tennis game (or any sport for that matter) is to play! However, learning proper techniques can not only improve your game but also prevent injuries down the line.

If you missed Dianne's workshop, simply register to purchase a link to the two-hour workshop to learn proper programming for common Rotational Sports, with a focus on golf and tennis. It will be available to view until midnight, Wednesday 10th July.

No matter if you are a Pilates Instructor, avid player, or curious beginner, this masterclass will apply to all! Participants will learn foundations important to these sports to create the most efficient “swing”. Looking from a proper biomechanics perspective gives one all the necessary info to succeed. We will discuss various ways to improve common “problems” that players face. We will also go through a full Mat Class from pre-Pilates basics to complex exercises designed to challenge the players coordination as well as muscular effort. This class will be fun and informative!

Dianne Graci received her full Mat and Equipment certification from Kelly Kane at The Kane School of Core Integration in NYC in 2005. She then became a long time Teacher Trainer, Private Anatomy Tutor, and Pilates Instructor for The Kane School / Kinected Center. Since her certification she has continued her education with industry leaders such as Debbie Goodman and The Midwives of NJ in perinatal studies, Irene Dowd, Kuan Hui Chew, among others. Other education includes certification programs for Sue Hitzmann's The Melt Method™ and Core Align. She was also selected to study in the dissection work study program for The FAMI Workshop at Mount Sinai Hospital.

Dianne has run several Pilates retreats including Cascina Papaveri in Italy and La Serrania in Spain with Cobham Pilates. She is proud to have been a guest instructor at Cobham Pilates and Alderley Pilates in the UK. In 2014 Dianne opened the Pilates Studio elevate cooperative with two of her colleagues to provide a centre for advanced practitioners in a diverse wellness space. Through elevate Dianne launched the "Advanced Certification for Movement Professionals" as a mentoring program for post-certification Pilates Instructors and other movement professionals. She has also authored numerous other Continuing Education Workshops such as Birth Strong (A Prenatal Pilates Course), Pilates for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, and multiple Biomechanics and Anatomy courses. Since the CoVid Pandemic Dianne has taken to virtual teaching, like so many others. She sees her clients now from anywhere in the world. Dianne is currently writing a book that encompasses the “best” of her workshops, entitled “Pilates by Design”. She strives to elevate her clients' relationships with their own bodies so that they may cultivate healthy movement patterns that can apply to all aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

"Such a wonderful bunch of ‘goodies’ I have taken away... both for myself and my students."
"Loved the masterclass with Dianne. It was really informative and she’s a clear and fantastic teacher."
"I enjoyed the workshop immensely and learnt lots of new techniques, plus my body felt AHHHMAZING afterwards!"

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