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Bodywise Pilates – Bridging


Date: 05th Sep 2019 - 31st Mar 2021

Venue: Volpoint House, Blakey Road, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP1 2JG

Course Director: Leila Coppock


Applicants must already be fully qualified Matwork teachers, ideally with at least one year of experience teaching Matwork. Applicants must also have at least 50 hours of experience on the apparatus (group classes or 1-1s, preferably some experience of both, ideally with various different teachers). Applicants will be invited to attend an interview, including a 60-minute 1-1 class (and a 20-minute demonstration of their teaching) once their application form has been received. All interested applicants should please speak to us in advance to confirm their interest in applying for a place (there are a maximum of 6 places available).

The course will take place over 14 weekends (10am – 6pm Saturday & 10am – 5pm Sunday) = 182 hours of lessons / tutor contact in total. These weekends will be no more than once per month, over an 18-month period. The next course starts in September 2019 and runs until March 2021.  There are 3 ways to pay, costing 3 different amounts: the cost is £3,850 if paid in 11 monthly instalments (£350 per month); or you may choose to pay in 22 monthly instalments if you prefer (£181.50 per month), meaning that the course cost is £3,993; Or if you are able to pay for the course in full, there is a discount – it costs just £3,500 if one payment is made in advance

Outside of these lecture times, students will be expected to log at least 100 hours of practical training (attending apparatus classes), complete at least 200 hours of self-study (including reading, various homework tasks, two Case Studies, weekly self-practice and revision), and log at least 400 hours of observation / assisting qualified teachers. It is possible to do this at Bodywise Pilates, where you will be fully supported and mentored throughout your training, but observation and assisting may also be completed elsewhere (if agreed with the Course Director). A minimum of 850 hours of study will have been logged in total before a candidate may sit the final Pilates Foundation exams (which take place in June and November every year). Trainees take different amounts of time to complete these required hours, depending on their other commitments, so there is no pressure to complete the course within 18 months.

The course is mainly practical, but time is allocated to anatomy revision, Pilates history, teaching principles and fundamentals, communication skills, postural and movement analysis, class planning, and so on. In addition, this course will focus on the remedial applications of the Pilates Method, and will give trainees confidence in working with numerous injuries and medical conditions (such as joint replacements & spinal conditions) and with special populations (including pregnancy, elderly people, disabilities etc.) Each Pilates Foundation teacher will have their own unique approach to the work, and we value this diversity and creativity. Trainees will leave the course confident in their ability to adapt the material to suit each individual client's needs.

To register your interest, to request an application form, or for more detailed information about the course (including dates), please contact Bodywise Pilates:

01722 349 848