Jun 06 Sat

Precision Pilates - LONDON


Time: 06th Jun 2020 10:00am - 06th Jun 2020 5:00pm

Venue: 61B South Parade, Chiswick , W4 5LG

Course Director: Sasha McLennan



  • Pilates Foundation Accredited Comprehensive Teacher Training
  • Course Director: Sasha Caddell with various guest lecturers
  • Course Dates: June 2020 - June 2022 (breaks for Christmas & Summer are factored in)
  • Contact Hours: Weekday 2pm - 5.30pm & additional studio shared classes (not included in fee) plus 1 weekend / month
  • Studio Address : 61B South Parade, Chiswick W4 5LG
  • Prerequisites: Completed application, interview, 50 apparatus classes within 6 months prior to course commencement.

By the end of the course students will be able to:
• Demonstrate knowledge of the Pilates Method exercise repertoire including adaptations and application for specific needs


• Demonstrate a sound knowledge of the anatomy of the body and the ability to recognise, through postural and movement analysis, which exercises would be of benefit to an individual client to realign and balance their body 
• Demonstrate an ability to effectively teach and perform exercises to clients of varying ages and abilities
• Demonstrate an understanding of the basic principles of other professional disciplines and complimentary approaches to health and fitness

Demonstrate ability to communicate clearly and to teach with an evident understanding of a client’s learning process and 


• Work unsupervised as a Pilates Foundation Comprehensive Teacher in group and one-to-one settings
• Offer Pilates classes at a beginners, intermediate and advanced level
• Provide baseline assessments and progressive programming specific to the needs of the client
• Understand how to adapt classes with specialist populations including pregnancy, elderly and common remedial issues
• Understand anatomy and physiology in relation to Pilates
• Understand basic elements of rehabilitation and contraindications of pathologies relating to different parts of the body
• Understand health, safety and welfare in relation to delivery of safe Pilates classes.

• Understand the history and Fundamentals of Pilates


• Understand the history of the Pilates Foundation and the workings of the organisation

• Understand the Pilates Foundation examination process

• History and development of the Pilates Method: principles, classical and evolved Mat work and apparatus repertoire

• Human anatomy and physiology, growth, development and healing
• Postural assessment, movement analysis and bio-mechanical thinking
• Teaching methods, listening and observational skills


• Pilates Method application for pregnancy and rehabilitation: theory and practical, complementary therapies, professional referrals
  • There is a strong practical element to the course delivery as grounding the work in a teacher's body is the most powerful route to understanding and teaching the Pilates Method. There is a large component of reading, writing and home study in addition to the required course delivery hours so self-motivation and passion for Pilates is a must!
  • Theoretical and practical sessions will be delivered evenings and then intensive weekends Saturday  09.30-17.30 & Sunday 10.00-17.00) 
  • Students must be able to commit to participation in all sessions (barring unforeseen circumstances)
  • Throughout the training the student is supported by the Course Tutor, peers and the Pilates Foundation

All components are compulsory. By the end of the course students must successfully:



Comprehensive Hours Requirement : 1000-1200 hours (16 month min course delivery)

250 Practical Training

200 Lectures

Supervised Teaching: Observation and Assisting

20 - 50 Matwork (at the discretion of the TTP)

250 - 400 Studio (at the discretion of the TTP) 

300 Self Study

Theoretical Components 

You will be assessed by 2 PF Examiners (1 first marker – 1 second marker) provided by the Pilates Foundation. Both Examiners will assess to the same standard.

  •  Case Study One : One postural 10 lesson duration 
  • Case Study Two : One remedial 10 lesson duration
  • 3-hour Theory Examination : Theory examinations are paper and pen format, questions vary in format (short answers and bullet points) and last 3 hours. Candidates with ESOL or SEN are allowed an extra 30 minutes to complete the theory examination.

Theory Examination Categories (with average section weightings): 

Anatomy and Applied Anatomy (25%)

Pilates Principles, Teaching Fundamentals and History (15%)

Health and Safety, Good Professional Practice (15%)

Understanding of Teaching Skills (including Repertoire, Application and Modification) (25%)

Working with Specialist Populations (20%)

Practical Components (including a Viva – 15 minute duration)

You will be assessed by an Internal Examiner (usually your TTP) and an External Examiner provided by the Pilates Foundation. Both Examiners will assess to the same standard.

  • One Hour Private Client
  • One Hour Group session (with no less than 3 clients - 30 minutes will be observed and marked by the examiners)                                      

Pass Marks 

  • 70% - Practical
  • 60%  - Theory Examination Case Study and VIVA 
  • Upon successful course completion, graduates will receive a certificate of completion and be eligible to join the Pilates Foundation as full members. Becoming a Pilates Foundation Teacher entails ongoing membership throughout your teaching career
  • Pilates Foundation Teachers are a true sign of excellence in the Pilates world

For further information and to make an application call Sasha on 07525 071177