Apr 05 Fri

Vanessa Smith Pilates Matwork


Time: 05th Apr 2019 12:00am - 30th Jun 2020 12:00am

Venue: 71 Oxford Street Glasgow, G5 9ER

Course Director: Vanessa Smith


Pilates Matwork Teacher Training

 Course Details

This course is designed to equip learners with the skills required for a career as a Pilates mat work teacher. The course will last 11 and months will focus on matwork, and applied anatomy.

Duration of the course

The course will begin April 2019, and end July 2020 with examinations.

The course will be structured over 11 months, during 10 weekends consisting of Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays constituting 18 hours of contact time either with the course director, or other visiting tutors. There will be a 3 day intensive during August bringing total contact hours to just over 200. In between contact times, the other tutors and I will be available for questions and feedback via phone and email.

Students who wish to continue with training to teach equipment based Pilates will be able to do so, the timing for this will be confirmed.

The course fee is inclusive of 2 mat class per week. Students will be able to observe and assist at the studio.

Course fee does not include Pilates Foundation student membership, student insurance, examination fees and Pilates classes out with the agreed limit.


The studio is situated within the, Vanessa Smith Pilates, 3 Dundas Street, Glasgow G1 2AH.

Admissions Procedure

Admission to the course will be by written application followed by an interview of suitable applicants. Applicants will have to prove their experience of at least 25 hours of Pilates classes (not home practice), during the 6 months prior to course commencement. If applicants have no background in movement 50 hours are required. Applicants should demonstrate a commitment to the course, and home study, and a good level of communication skills.

Details of how hours are logged and the way in which syllabus is presented and assessed.

Hours of class participation, observation and assistance will be logged in books provided. The books will set out tables for each activity, detailing hours, who was supervising, or whether it was home practice and space for signatures.

Assessment Procedure and Feedback

Participants will be continually assessed through ongoing essays informal question and answer sessions, written tests, teaching practice, direct feedback, feedback via phone and email.

Course Content

Principles and Fundamentals of Pilates

Pilates mat repertoire, classical and evolved

Pilates using small equipment

Pilates session objectives and planning

Human anatomy and Physiology

Movement analysis

Teaching methods and skills

Legal requirements

Business and management skills

Required texts and additional resources

Final assessment

Theory/practical lectures

Back injuries and problems

Ante and post natal

Limb injuries and problems

Common conditions (arthritis, osteoporosis for example)

Injury prevention


First Aid

Hours of assisted teaching and study

Lectures 200 hours

Practical hours 100 hours

Assisting matwork/supervised teaching 50 hours

Home study/practical revision 200hours

Case studies 45 hours

Written work and Examination

1 case study

Practical and written exam Supervision and guidance will be given with written work

Course Fee

£3000 to be paid by instalment