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A journey through the body with Antigymnastique

  Open to all

Sun 18th November 2018

Mariela Panero 10:00am to 5:00pm

Fife Studio, Tonik Unit 3, The Coachworks Woodside Road Glenrothes Fife , KY7 4AF

CPDs: 6 Please bring: a mat and blanket

Places Available


Member £90
Trainee £75 Non-member £170

About The Workshop

Antigymnastique is a wellness method developed 40 years ago by physiotherapist, Thérèse Bertherat. This workshop is designed for anyone interested in experiencing Antigym and its powerful effects on posture, flexibility, and tension release.

In this workshop different parts of the body will be explored in movement. Through the subtle, precise but powerful movements of the Antigym technique you will discover how the parts of our bodies influence one another, allowing the body to find something new. Each participant follows the movements from where they are at in that moment and in their own rhythm. This technique is not about achieving a “standard” but working with the body in the present.

Presenter Mariela Panero on the Antigymnastique method:

Many years ago, while I was experiencing back and sacro-iliac pain, I came across a very special book, The Body Has Its Reasons, written by the creator of the Antigymnastique method, Thérèse Bertherat. I couldn’t put the book down and, by the time I finished it a day later, I had started my journey to become an Antigym practitioner. On that journey, I learned that I had never fully listened to my body, instead I had pushed and obliged it through all kinds of trainings and regimes. Antigym taught me to take a step back and really listen. The process has changed my life, enriched and inspired me in ways I never imagined, and made me a very different Pilates teacher. Antigym is an invitation to discover your body, to live in it fully and to find in it vitality, health and autonomy.

"Exactly where you are at this very moment, there is a house that bears your name. You are its sole owner but, a very long time ago, you lost the keys. So you stay outside; you are familiar only with the façade. You don’t live inside. That house, the hideaway of your most deeply buried, repressed memories, is your body … The walls which have heard everything and never forgotten a thing are your muscles. In the stiffness and tension, in the pains and deficiencies of the muscles of your back, your neck, your legs, your arms, your diaphragm, your heart and also your face and your sexual organs, your complete history is revealed, from your birth to the present day”.

The Body Has Its Reasons

Thérèse Bertherat, Creator of the Antigymnastique Method

Images from Antigym 2018

Workshop Review

Mariela is one of the most gifted teachers I have worked with. Her knowledge, passion and integrity for her work is inspiring and her ability to guide you deeper into your own understanding of your body can take your practice to a new level. This workshop is not to be missed!
Sarah Doherty

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