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Hana Jones

Online Expanded Awareness Series: Applied Pilates with Hana Jones

  Foundation Members only

Sun 9th October 2022 - Sun 4th December 2022

Hana Jones 4:00pm to 5:30pm


CPDs: 5 Please bring: Reformer, Wunda Chair, Roll-Down and Push-thru bars, leg and arm springs on the Cadillac or wall unit and an arc barrel

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Member £200

About The Workshop

Hana Jones, one of our Founders and Professional Standards Advisor, would like to invite a small group of Comprehensive teachers along on a series of investigatory sessions.

“I’ve been thinking recently that after 40 years of working in this profession I should perhaps attempt to break down what my fundamental approach to teaching Pilates actually is. In the face of the global and commercial popularity of Joseph Pilates’ work and so many different interpretations and training methods for it, I am aware that how I teach it has some value in the history and future of how his Method has been interpreted and applied. 

I have named this series Expanded Awareness to reflect my intention to provide a stimulus into a deeper inquiry into aspects of the application of the Method and an expanded body awareness that may emerge as a result.  It is designed for the comprehensive teachers in our community who have been teaching for at least 7 years already and utilising the whole range of apparatus as part of their work during that time. 

Please understand that I’m not trying to exclude newer teachers from this excursion. I have observed over these many years that at different points in a long-term teaching career we invariably find ourselves needing something more than we can get from solely attending workshops. I’ve designed this series to help address that need and to help us all continue to grow as teachers and mentors. 

For anyone who is relatively new to teaching Pilates, please know that your daily self-practice and attending weekly apparatus classes with a teacher is the best continuing development you can give to yourself. It all starts with our own experience of the work in our own moving body. I have asked that the number attending be restricted to 15 to ensure individual observation and support throughout. “

Expanded Awareness Series: Applied Pilates

During the sessions you will need to have access to a Reformer, Wunda Chair, Roll-Down and Push-thru bars, leg and arm springs on the Cadillac or wall unit and an arc barrel. I will not be going through exercise repertoire but rather how to apply the concepts I am introducing here to some of the repertoire and apparatus that you already use. You will also need to be warmed up before the session starts at 4pm.

Sunday 9th October (4.00 - 5.30pm) - Session 1: From Breath to Centre:  At the heart of my work is my absolute trust in the human body’s natural design and it’s capacity to restore itself to balance if it’s given the space, stimulus and focussed intention. Another keystone element in my approach to Pilates is how to use the breath to stimulate our internal support system in a dynamic, responsive way rather than with focussed effort to specifically activate the abdominal muscles. In this first session I will be introducing you to the intrinsic foundations of my work - ‘from breath to centre’ - which we will then be applying in different guises in the remaining sessions.

Sunday 23rd October (4.00 - 5.30pm) - Session 2: The Flexion Crisis and an Extension Solution: Some years ago I was looking at the skeleton and the relationship of the ribs to the spine when the shape of the first two ribs caught my eye. I realised that their shape, along with the spiralling action of the collarbones and their interaction with the scapulae, all inform a response in the cervical and thoracic vertebrae that restores the overall postural balance. With the increasing use of hand-held devices a structural slump is becoming a more common posture with far-reaching consequences and long-term impacts on the population at large. We will look at how to enable thoracic extension via the centreing breath and the role of the shoulder girdle and collarbones in lifting and lengthening the upper back and neck.

Sunday 6th November (4.00 - 5.30pm) - Session 3: Spinal Articulation with the Apparatus: Fluid spinal articulation is a fundamental aspect of the work we do that plays a significant part in how we move our bodies. We will be applying the concept of the centreing breath alongside the impact of gravity and the resistance and support available to us when using the springs to experience fluid spinal articulation in both flexion and extension. Given the constraints of a 90 minute session, during this one we will predominantly be exploring the many possibilities on the theme of ‘The Cat’.

Sunday 20th November (4.00 - 5.30pm) - Session 4: From Breath to Centre & its’ Application to Footwork: In this session we will be focussing on how the centreing breath can help us maintain our centre whilst freely moving the hips and legs within a quiet pelvis.  How do we enable a fluid and effortless rolling action of the femoral head within the acetabulum? What is the impact of this fluidity on the function of the muscles of the legs and feet? There will be some time to also look at the application of this approach when doing the footwork on the other pieces of apparatus which you can then take into your self-practice.

Sunday 4th December (4.00 - 5.30pm) - Session 5:  Into the Fullness of Ourselves… With expanded body awareness we begin to experience the natural response in our muscles without having to ‘work hard’ at activating them. As we seek a more profound level of intensity without the tension of forced effort, we will also consider the importance of including rotation and lateral flexion into our sessions so we can continue to expand into the ‘whole’ of our physical selves, both in a Pilates class and as we move through our daily lives.

Please note you need to commit to the whole series and be able to turn up 'live' to each session.

Each session is recorded and all recordings will be available until 31st December 2022.





Cancellation Policy

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