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Hypermobility: A Practical Approach for Pilates Teachers

  Open to all

Sat 2nd May 2020

Sally Jones and Suzy Barton 9:30am to 5:00pm

ENB - English National Ballet, 41 Hopewell Square, London City Island, Poplar, LONDON , E14 0SY

CPDs: 6 Please bring: a Pilates mat, small overball and theraband

Places Available


Member £95
Trainee £75 Non-member £150

About The Workshop

This full day workshop is aimed at: all Pilates teachers (mat and studio trained)

The workshop’s objective is to provide attendees with up to date knowledge on all things hypermobile; demonstrate the practical skills to translate this information into movement strategies that promote good functional movement patterns and happy joints.  

As Pilates teachers we are well aware of joint hypermobility and can recognize clients who have difficulty with muscular connectivity, coordination and proprioception. Unfortunately, hypermobility is not a one-size-fits-all condition.  Following a recent medical symposium there has been a major revision in the approach to joint hypermobility as a whole. Papers published in The American Journal of Medical Genetics detail what are now the 13 types of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) along with the newly defined related conditions; the Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders (HSD).  Significantly, these conditions are now no longer considered rare: a paper just published in the British Medical Journal (Nov 2019) shows that HSD and hEDS are 10 times more common than previously thought.

This workshop will look at:

  • The recent classifications of Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders (HSD) and diagnostic criteria.
  • Common symptoms and related issues.
  • How we can use our Pilates skills to address these issues and adapt the Pilates exercises for individual needs.
  • How we can settle down an over sensitive nervous system and forge new neural pathways and muscular connections.


  • Enhanced knowledge and skills in recognising the spectrum of hypermobility.
  • Enhanced confidence to translate this information into an exercise approach that encourages progressive, functional movement.

Workshop Review

I found it most useful in understanding hypermobility from a medical point of view both physiologically and psychologically

Really helpful to have the handout to refer to/make notes on during the day but also for reading afterwards.

The hours flew by so quickly!

You both delivered your knowledge with great ease – you’re a great team!

I found looking at the links with hypermobility and other illnesses and ailments really useful

Thank you so much for a hugely enjoyable and interesting day. Amusingly presented with tons of really useful info. Brilliant. Well done.

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