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MC Lauren

YouTube Video - Long and Strong Psoas

  Foundation Members & Trainees only

Wed 30th September 2020

Lauren Barri Holstein 12:00am to 11:30pm

CPDs: 1 Please bring: Over Ball, Yoga Block, Light Theraband, Small Cushion

Places Available


Member £4
Trainee £4

About The Workshop

This 60-minute Pilates-based movement class focuses on lengthening and strengthening the psoas, through eccentric exercises, stretches, and full body movements that explore the psoas’ upper and lower body connections.

If you have the following props, make sure you’ve got them ready. If not, we will modify!

  • Overball
  • Yoga block
  • Light theraband
  • Small cushion
  • Rotator Disc
  • If you have a spine corrector, we can use that too!

The class ends with some questions and discussion with class attendees.

Please note: You must have both registered and paid in order to be sent the link to the YouTube video.

Disclaimer: This is a recording of the live class held on the 17th May 2020. As such, this class has been adapted to the circumstances of that particular class and to who was in the Zoom class at that time. You are solely responsible for your own body and safety. Please stop immediately if you feel any pain. Feel free to pause the video at any time and to modify any exercises you feel necessary for your body.

Cancellation Policy

Pilates Foundation reserve the right to cancel or re-schedule any of the above workshops. In the event of a workshop being cancelled, the organisers are NOT responsible for refunding any personal travel arrangements, hotel reservations, etc. All personal financial arrangements are the responsibility of the individual. Therefore please check with your travel agent as to cancellation or transfer fees/policies prior to booking.

Should a workshop be cancelled or re-scheduled and payment for the workshop has already been made, a full refund will be issued, or if you prefer, a transfer of the workshop cost will be made to the rescheduled workshop, or to an alternative workshop hosted by the Pilates Foundation.

The following cancellation penalties apply: Cancellations 4 weeks prior to workshop or more: £25.00 Administration charge; 15 – 28 days prior to workshop: 25% cancellation charge; 8 - 14 days prior to workshop: 50% cancellation charge; 0 – 7days prior to workshop and ‘no shows’ on the day: 100% cancellation charge. Please note, by making a booking, you are deemed to have read and acknowledged the above-mentioned cancellation charges.