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Working with Scoliosis in a Matwork Environment

  Open to all

Sat 28th September 2019

Dominique Jansen 1:15pm to 4:15pm

The St Marylebone CE School , 64 Marylebone High Street, London , WU1 5BA

CPDs: 3 Please bring: comfortable exercise clothing suitable for others to observe your alignment. Also please bring: a mat, overball, a head-rest or block if you need it, and a thera-band or tubing.

Places Available


Member £50
Trainee £40 Non-member £85

About The Workshop

This workshop will cover:

  • The physical signs and possible complications of scoliosis 
  • The orthodox and current medical approach to treating scoliosis 
  • Observation skills 
  • Matwork repertoire suitable and effective for working with various presentations of scoliosis presented in a flowing, balanced Matwork class. 

You will practise observation skills, technical and teaching skills and with the intention of providing you with ideas and knowledge of how to work with mild as well as significant asymmetry and scoliosis. Hopefully there will also be the opportunity to discuss individual cases. Working with scoliosis requires creativity and understanding of the three dimensionality of the body and its behaviour in different movement planes.

It was the clients I have taught over the years who presented with scoliosis and asymmetry who inspired me to research and delve further into this topic. Over the years I have shaped a model of working and thinking that often benefits the scoliotic and or asymmetrical client. With this subject there is not one answer and one way, each body has different requirements.  - Dominique Jansen

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