Accredited Trainers

Pilates Foundation Accredited Trainings are never formulaic and as such are akin to the original apprenticeship style of learning which Joe Pilates himself operated.

Our Accredited TTPs follow agreed principles and syllabus, but all are encouraged to develop their own format reflecting the way they really work with their clients, and to allow their students to develop their own individual approach to the Pilates Method.

While the Pilates Foundation sets criteria for final assessment of trainees prior to becoming full members of the organisation, each Accredited TTP is free to teach the Pilates Method in their individual way. This ensures a variety of approaches are available to potential trainees to choose a course, and course tutor, that best suits the individual student. This is unique to other Pilates trainings in the UK.

Why choose a Pilates Foundation Accredited Teacher Training?

  • The Pilates Foundation believes that Pilates is a full body of work which must be experienced, internalised and thoroughly analysed before one is prepared to teach it to others; this remains true to Joe Pilates' own delivery of his method.
  • Students can choose to follow a Matwork course, a Studio Apparatus (Bridging) course, or a Comprehensive course which covers both Matwork and Studio Apparatus together.
  • Unlike all other training providers that break each of these courses down to shorter, and often quicker modules, each Pilates Foundation course is offered as a complete programme which covers all aspects of the Pilates Method and is supported by current research and clinical evidence.
  • The length and depth of training allows time for your own personal development, both theoretically and physically.
  • Students are continuously supervised, assessed and supported by the TTP, to ensure effective learning of the skills required.
  • Courses are offered at many different locations, in a variety of formats, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

The Gold Standard in Pilates Education

All Pilates Foundation Accredited TTPs meet requirements ensuring delivery of a comprehensive teacher training syllabus including:

  • Human anatomy, physiology and movement
  • Original and evolved exercises and principles of the Method
  • Fascia, Somatics and current bio-mechanical thinking
  • Communication, listening, teaching and hands-on skills
  • First aid certification
  • Applications for rehabilitation
  • Business and marketing skills
  • Liaising with other professionals

All courses include direct practical and theoretical support, supervised teaching practice, self-study, written coursework including case studies and essays.

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