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Aug 26 Fri

26 Aug 2016

6 Pilates Moves to Try if You Have Ankylosing Spondylitis

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Could Pilates, the body-conditioning program created by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s, help you manage the symptoms of ankylosing spondylitis (AS)?

The answer may be, “Yes.”

Regular exercise and proper posture are key recommendations for people with AS, according to the Spondylitis Association of America (SAA). Pilates can help with that — and more. “Pilates is a movement system designed to promote strength and flexibility through spinal articulation, proper breathing, alignment, focus, concentration, and control via training the body’s core musculature,” explains Shannon Foley, PT, CPT, owner of EnCore Pilates in Gainesville, Florida, and a physical therapist and Pilates instructor who has worked with people with the condition.

Jul 14 Thu

14 Jul 2016

Pilates for Parkinson’s gives patients hope

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“I think it helps you become more coordinated and balanced,” said Tubergen at a recent class at Community Hospital West’s Healthplex. “You’re never going to cure it this way, but it’s going to be helpful.”

So two days a week, he meets with class instructor Meggan Breen. She uses Pilates reformers to strengthen Tubergen’s core muscles and she believes he’s made progress.

May 11 Wed

11 May 2016

A randomized controlled study investigating static and dynamic balance in older adults after training with Pilates.

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pilates foundation august 2010MG4078

Although there were no significant between-group differences, participation in the Pilates component of the study led to improved static and dynamic balance. The absence of differences between conditions may be a result of small sample size or the crossover study design because Pilates may produce neuromuscular adaptations of unknown resilience.

Feb 10 Wed

10 Feb 2016

An Analysis of Muscle Activities of Healthy Women during Pilates Exercises in a Prone Position

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The spine plays a crucial role in reducing the stress delivered to each segment when a person moves and balances the shearing forces that occur between spinal segments. It has been reported that strengthening the upper and lower extremities enables efficient functioning of the lumbar region, and strengthening the lumbar region enables efficient functioning of the upper and lower extremities

Jan 28 Thu

28 Jan 2016


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'If your muscles are properly balanced, you aren’t going to create wear and tear of your joints that lead you down a road full of pain, arthritis, injuries, tears, surgeries, physical therapy, or worst case, not being able to do your favorite activities ever again.’

Jan 28 Thu

28 Jan 2016

The Sacroiliac Struggle by Erik Dalton, Ph.D.

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With failed ligaments, the job falls to the muscles around the pelvis and spine. They are ill suited to that task as they are designed to move rather than support. Sustained hypercontracted muscles impair circulation allowing waste products and inflammatory pain producing chemicals to excite the pain receptors. Normal movement is limited and the cycle of pain, muscle spasm, motion restriction is initiated and perpetuated, establishing myofascial pain syndromes.

Dec 02 Wed

2 Dec 2015

Why Pilates is Perfect for Older Women

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pilates foundation august 2010MG4203

Since the 1990s, the popularity of Pilates has skyrocketed. Its rise is largely due to its ability to be practiced almost anywhere… and by almost anyone! Visits to the gym could almost be obsolete as many opt to take their exercise routine to the living room, bedroom or even poolside. Here are some reasons Pilates is the answer to most fitness over 60 concerns.

Nov 02 Mon

2 Nov 2015

Healing Lyme Disease with Pilates: The Journey

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However, with Pilates I am able to combat this condition. Whether on the mat or on the reformer, the fluid movements help increase blood flow, oxygen into my cells, while also jump-starting my lymph system, a place where Lyme spirochetes like to hide out. It may only be 10 minutes, or maybe even a hour, but regardless of the exact number of minutes doing Pilates, the various exercises encompassed in leave my body at ease, with less pain, and on a good day, maybe with even a little bit of pink in my cheeks.

Sep 01 Tue

1 Sep 2015

5 Real Life Results Pilates Delivers

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' Pilates is intended to help you live better, not just exercise better. These specific results will improve your health exponentially.'

' Accidents often happen as a result of poor coordination. We trip, stumble or miss the mark as a a result of poor timing. Pilates trains you to keep time with each move and between each move.'

Aug 17 Mon

17 Aug 2015

Where Pilates and Physical Therapy Meet an Interview with Dr. Brent Anderson of Polestar Pilates

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Rehabilitation, Dr. Anderson says, is the medical arm of restoring function. "You have to be a licensed professional to say you offer rehabilitation. Physical therapists, chiropractors and speech therapists, for example, are licensed so they can offer rehabilitation. Since they are not licensed, Pilates, yoga, movement instructors in the United States cannot say they offer rehabilitation. To get even more specific, physical therapists are the licensed professionals who can offer rehabilitation through physical therapy and physical therapy is exclusive to them."
What Pilates teachers can do, Dr Anderson suggests, is say they provide post-rehabilitation or wellness education. We are talking now about legalities in the United States because, as Dr. Anderson points out, "these rules have been defined by the states and the professions and all the lobbying that goes on to protect their special interests". They do not apply in most other countries.