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Apr 19 Thu

19 Apr 2018

The Magic Window Age by Ingrid Lootvoet

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Teaching children Pilates during the window age activates muscle memory. The children will start to use certain muscle groups consciously for certain movements thereby controlling their movements steadily and correctly both in and outside of the Pilates studio.

Apr 18 Wed

18 Apr 2018

Pilates for Children by Tash Barnard

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Children are the most important resource on our planet and educating the next generation both physically and mentally is up to us. As Pilates instructors/parents we have a responsibility to help impact the next generation by ensuring their physical development.

Teaching children Pilates will not only ensure that they live healthy lives, but will also teach them to respect their bodies and that of their peers, the ability to focus and concentrate, to breathe correctly and thus enable them to relax. They will also learn to control their bodies and start to move with determination in both work and play.

Apr 12 Thu

12 Apr 2018

Pilates Business: How to Take More Time Off and Maintain Your Business by Lesley Logan

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It is possible to take time off when you want to and it is possible to teach the hours of the day you love and the dates you want to teach. But, you have to set your business up that way!

Apr 10 Tue

10 Apr 2018

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Common Problems, Exercise Therapy and Rehab Pilates

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“Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a progressive autoimmune disease. Autoimmune diseases mistake normal, healthy parts of the body as foreign and attack them. In the case of MS, the body attacks and destroys the protective sheath that surrounds your nerves. This sheath is called myelin. The damage to and destruction of the myelin eventually affects the nerves. Nerve damage delays and disrupts communication between your brain and parts of the body”.

Common physical problems with Multiple Sclerosis clients:

Apr 04 Wed

4 Apr 2018


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If you immediately associate Pilates training with your core (that bit between your chest and pelvis), you wouldn’t be wrong. However, there is a plethora of evidence to suggest that there are also mental benefits to these ever popular workouts. Not convinced?

Mar 29 Thu

29 Mar 2018

How Sitting Causes Back Pain

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According to Cornell University Department of Ergonomics, up to 90% more pressure is put on your back when you sit vs. when you stand. There are several reasons why, the first being that if you’re like most Americans, you habitually sit in ways that cause tension and imbalance in your back and neck. This applies to sitting at work, in the car, and at home.
Common Posture Mistakes That Lead to Back Problems
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Mar 12 Mon

12 Mar 2018

Finding Strength Through Your Voice: Tips on Verbal Cueing!

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How much do you cue?
Sometimes I listen to instructors who are as afraid of the pause between their instructions. They think they have to fill each and every moment with verbal correctives, but most people can’t absorb that much information and in fact, it may make them feel like they aren’t getting it if they can’t keep up with non-stop cueing.

Feb 28 Wed

28 Feb 2018

Gymnastics & Pilates: A Fantastic Friendship!

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Photo Credit Anthony Cullen AJC3560

Gymnastic athletes are being groomed at younger and younger ages. Many factors play into this, and as the level of competition rises, trainers want to help their athletes excel while also preventing injuries. Regular Pilates practice is one way to reduce injuries, increase body awareness and enhance coordination, but I couldn’t help doing a little digging about the link between gymnastics and Pilates.

Feb 19 Mon

19 Feb 2018

The Many Ways Pilates Improves Your Health

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Inherently, all physical fitness systems work, in one way or another, toward improving the health of anyone who takes them up. Pilates, however, is head and shoulders above most fitness programs when it comes to health benefits, and it achieves them in a much less strenuous way, too.

Oct 13 Fri

13 Oct 2017

What is Functional Diastis

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Through increased awareness and education, Diastasis Rectus Abdominis, or DRA, is becoming a more widely recognized and treated condition. DRA is a condition in which the linea alba thins and there appears to be a gap between the left and right sides of the rectus abdominis muscles (Read more here). Pilates teachers are perfectly poised to identify this condition and design appropriate workouts for clients who have DRA that at best, will not worsen the diastasis, and at best, will improve it.