Matwork, mixed ability, one intermediate class.

No studio - I work from home

30/11/-0001 - 10:00 to 11:00 Zoom Matwork

About This Class

I teach matwork Pilates and movement classes online via Zoom, each class one hour in length, Monday, Tuesday Wednesday 10am and Monday 6.30pm.

My classes are for any age, men and women. I focus especially on looking after our bodies better and intelligently as we age: Using balance, strengthening, stretching, alignment and good posture. Feet are where it all begins so I do focus on toes and feet a lot-trying to get them more mobile and strong.

Pilates, well taught, has helped me so much with my physical issues and also helps me mentally and emotionally.

I try to share this with my clients.

Shirley Rutter photo

About No studio - I work from home

DOB 4/2/61

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