Matwork Teacher Training Course

Vanessa Smith Pilates

12/10/2024 - 26/10/2025 - 00:00 to 00:00 Vanessa Smith [email protected] Matwork

About This Class

Why Choose This Course?
• With a 200 contact hours, our course gives you a better chance of reaching your full potential as a Pilates teacher, through teaching     practice, structured and targeted feedback
• We encourage you to experiment with the Pilates repertoire, find what works for you and your clients.
• A good understanding of how to utilise small equipment...
• You will receive library of class plans to take away and adapt.
• Access to a faculty with broad and extensive experience of Pilates
• Experience of teaching all levels of Pilates
• An understanding of common basic conditions
• Experience of and feedback on teaching one to one and groups

Course Duration
• The course will run from October 2024 until October 2025 in Glasgow.
• The course will b e structured over Saturdays from 10am to 7pm and, 3 long weekends Friday to Monday and 3 weekends, Saturday - Sunday, constituting a total of 204 hours of contact time either with the course director or our other tutors. In between contact times the other tutors and the course director will be available for questions and feedback via phone and email.
• Students who wish to continue with training to teach apparatus based Pilates will be able to do so, the timing for this will be confirmed.
• If trainees are from outside the Glasgow area, they are expected to keep up their personal practice with their local teacher.
• Course fee d o e s not include Pilates Foundation student membership, student insurance, examination fees, first aid certification and classes for your own Pilates practice.

About Vanessa Smith Pilates

Originally a professional dancer, Vanessa has been teaching Pilates for ten years. She has been a member of the Pilates Foundation UK since 2001. In 2008 she graduated as a Feldenkrais practicioner.

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