Getting Started in Pilates

As Pilates offers a new way of experiencing your body and movement, it can be difficult to understand, or even feel that anything is happening, at the beginning. This can be frustrating and many people may choose to go back to their normal routines rather than continue.

Here's a tip: commit to 10 classes, and you will never regret it!

It is important to find a teacher that you enjoy working with and a class that you can attend regularly (in terms of time, location, life demands and cost). This will help to make Pilates an integral part of your life, rather than just another exercise class added to your routine.


It is regular practice of Pilates that facilitates long-term changes to your body and lifestyle.


Regular Pilates practice develops body awareness, helping clients identify and change daily movement patterns that contribute to on-going dysfunction. Small habitual changes can make a big difference in alleviating chronic conditions.


"Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness."  - Joseph Pilates


Why seek a Pilates Foundation Teacher?

  • Pilates Foundation Teachers are committed to maintaining the highest standards of teaching and practice of the Pilates Method.
  • PF Teachers are trained in the full classical repertoire (Joe Pilates' original series of exercises) as well as evolved approaches to the method that include anatomy and pathology, current bio-mechanical thinking and appropriate modifications to suit individual needs.
  • PF Teacher Trainers believe in the integrated nature of the Studio Apparatus and teach it as a complete body of work. The Pilates Foundation does not accredit modular training of the Studio Apparatus, unlike all other Pilates training organisations.
  • Matwork trainees study for a minimum of one year and Studio Apparatus courses require a minimum of one more year of study.
  • All PF training courses include extensive training in human anatomy and physiology, specialised conditions, classical and evolved approaches with respect for the history and principles of the method. This ensures that the integrity of the approach and the safety of the method are maintained.
  • PF Teachers are dedicated to continuing their learning. To maintain PF affiliation, members must undergo annual continued professional development and maintain first aid certification and liability insurance. Each member abides by a strict code of Ethics and Conduct.


With a Pilates Foundation Teacher, you are in safe hands.

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