The Pilates Foundation was founded in 1996 and is the UK's first Pilates Teachers' Association. We aim to establish and maintain quality and excellence in Pilates practice and teaching.

We welcome all who share a passion for Pilates to join our organisation.

We promote the original works of Joseph and Clara Pilates, including honouring the original repertoire and principles, yet bring current knowledge and research to the teaching of the Pilates Method.

People are saying

Winona Holl, Pilates Foundation Chair

People often ask me why I volunteer my time for the Pilates Foundation.

I believe that as a not-for-profit organization we set ourselves apart from the multiple commercial Pilates entities: we stand as a community of practitioners dedicated to...

Studio Pilates client, London

I had only ever done ‘mass’ classes before and thought I knew about ‘core’ strength….. When my back went, I didn’t believe that Pilates (one to one and in a small group) could do anything I hadn’t already...

The Pilates Foundation is led by a volunteer Board of Directors nominated and elected from within our teaching community. They represent and report to the membership in the running of the organisation and make democratic decisions regarding the issues that adhere to the mission of the Pilates Foundation while moving the organisation forward into a changing world of Pilates.

The Board meets monthly and Board Members serve for up to three years. The Board is supported by a team of Committee Members who volunteer their time and make a huge contribution to the advancement and future of our growing organisation.

We enthusiastically welcome all members to contribute to the running of the organisation. If you feel you could contribute some of your time to the PF, please contact administration to discuss projects and roles.