See what people are saying about the changes in their bodies, lives, overall health and frame of mind since starting Pilates as well as what our members say about the rewards and satisfaction of being Pilates Foundation Teachers.

I had only ever done ‘mass’ classes before and thought I knew about ‘core’ strength….. When my back went, I didn’t believe that Pilates (one to one and in a small group) could do anything I hadn’t already tried.

How utterly wrong I was.

I now have a fuller range of movement than I did when I was doing triathlons, I’m more in touch with my body, I’ve learnt (and am learning) to hold myself differently and my back pain is substantially reduced to the point that I am slowly returning to exercise. The difference these Pilates classes with a Pilates Foundation trained teacher have made to my life is astounding and now, quite honestly, I can’t imagine my life without it.

Studio Pilates client, London

The session yesterday made me feel warm and comfortable as I walked, also this morning I was much less stiff than normal on getting up! Thank you.

Studio Pilates client, North London

Pilates is a wonderful form of exercise for anyone of any age. I started in my fifties. Then I was developing a dowager's hump as as a result of life-long asthma. Today, aged 72, though still short of puff, I lead an active life - and my back is straighter as well.

Pilates is not only the most wonderful physio for the lungs, it also keeps our bodies in good nick. I am gaining bone mass not losing it and were it not for shortness of breath, no one would know there was anything wrong with me. Both my teachers are members to the Pilates Foundation, there is no substitute for the best.

Studio Pilates client, London

At West London Osteopaths we have been referring patients to Pilates Foundation teachers for over thirty years. With the benefits our patients received from Pilates we started our own Pilates studio offering small mat-work classes and subsequently introducing Pilates Equipment classes.

We strongly believe that the thoughtful application of exercise, stretching and the re-education of the neuromuscular system enables the patients to help themselves in their recovery process. The training and knowledge of the teachers from the Pilates Foundation fits in very well with the needs of our patients for exercise and rehabilitation.

Osteopathy and Pilates is a very powerful and effective combination with many patients maintaining and improving on the benefits of Osteopathic treatment with Pilates.

Osteopath, West London Osteopaths

I take such enjoyment from nurturing and working closely alongside the students on my training courses. I am also glad to have the ongoing support of the Pilates Foundation and that my students too can rely on a web of exceptionally trained, like minded people.

PF TTP, Cardiff

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