The Pilates Foundation Team

The Pilates Foundation is led by a volunteer Board of Directors nominated and elected from within our teaching community. They represent and report to the membership in the running of the organisation and make democratic decisions regarding the issues that adhere to the mission of the Pilates Foundation while moving the organisation forward into a changing world of Pilates.

The Board meets monthly and Board Members serve for up to three years. The Board is supported by a team of Committee Members who volunteer their time and make a huge contribution to the advancement and future of our growing organisation.

We enthusiastically welcome all members to contribute to the running of the organisation. If you feel you could contribute some of your time to the PF, please contact administration to discuss projects and roles.


Rochelle Rincon

Office Manager

Rochelle is the first point of contact for the Pilates Foundation. She is fantastic and we are lucky to have her at the heart of our organisation. If you have a query, Rochelle will take care of it for you!

Rochelle, originally from South Africa, has been living in London for 18 years and has been the Pilates Foundation Administrator since July 2006.


Angela Gasparetto


I am thrilled to be joining the PF Board at this time! Originally from Nova Scotia, Canada, I have lived in the UK since 2005 and qualified as a Pilates Foundation certified matwork teacher in 2013. I focus my teaching practice on encouraging and improving my clients' connection to and awareness of their bodies, alongside nurturing strength and ease in their physicality. I have an MA in Movement Studies (Theatre), teach Expressive Movement and Physical Performance at various drama schools in London, and work as a Theatre Movement Director. I am a great believer in community and really look forward to supporting the Pilates Foundation as an active Board member. As a member of the Board I will be focusing particular attention on workshop planning and programming and welcome any and all thoughts and ideas re. workshop programming - please do contact me, I would love to hear from you. I look forward to working with and for you all as a member of the Board!

Fiona Carter

Fiona Carter


Fiona injured her spine when she was seven. As a result she began her exploration of movement to help maintain strength and reduce pain. This exploration began with Yoga, dance and weight training. Fiona initially trained as a personal trainer and Sports Massage Therapist specialising in post-operative and injury rehabilitation and was lucky to get a position within a Physiotherapy unit providing mid to late stage rehabilitation under the supervision of the Physiotherapists. Fiona has now been working with bodies for close to thirty years and has an eclectic background including Gyrokinesis, Kettle-bell training, TRX, Static Trapeze and Aerial Yoga.

Although Fiona first discovered Pilates in 1991 she only trained as a Pilates mat-work instructor in 2000 with Body Control Pilates.  Since then she has studied mat-work and apparatus with Kelly Kane and The Kane School of Core Integration in NYC. When Fiona Returned to the UK she completed a Bridging Qualification which has allowed her to become a full member of the Pilates Foundation. Fiona is also a graduate of the Kathy Grant Heritage Programme. 

In addition to her own Edinburgh Based Pilates and Gyrokinesis instruction she works with Cameron Angus both within his Clinic/Studio as well as teaching educational workshops for clients in all aspects of Pilates and healthy functional movement through out Scotland.



Natasha Alpe

Natasha Alpe


Natasha Alpe is a comprehensive trained Pilates Foundation Pilates teacher. She graduated in December 2011 from Trinity School of Music and Dance LABAN under the tutelage of Jessica Moolenaar. Her Pilates training at LABAN had a strong emphasis on injury rehabilitation and the Thomas Myers anatomy trains. Natasha’s background in contemporary dance combined with her love of the moving body drives her passion to help people move more efficiently. “I am always inspired by the precision and power of Pilates and how it makes your body feel”.

After graduating, Natasha taught at The Pilates Sanctuary, ESPH in East Dulwich, The Osteopathic Clinic, The Light Centre Belgravia and Moorgate centres and she has covered in numerous other studios including Trevor Blount Pilates Studio. She accumulated her own private clients teaching 1:1’s and duets in their homes and was also employed by Palecek Principles to teach private clients. She currently lives in Stroud, Gloucestershire and enjoys the challenges of being Mum to 21month old Ollie.

She feels very excited by the possibility of being on the Pilates Foundation Board and looks forward to bringing all her teaching experience and organisational skills to making the Pilates Foundation stronger and support its members.

Rosie Minogue2

Rosie Minogue


I have always been interested in physicality and how the body works but at school I could never see the point of competitive sport and as drama was my main thing I found myself working in Theatre in Education for some years. That morphed into comedy writing with a sideline in comedy promotion along with a music degree. So I came to Pilates quite late (in 1998) after the birth of my first child had left my body in a mess. It was chance that I began with a foundation teacher. It made a massive difference and made so much sense. After a few years and another child, and a differently trained teacher who I found very frustrating I wanted to learn more and so started to look for training. | was really disappointed with what I found. I only came across courses that seemed very limited in their ambition and curriculum so I didn’t go for it until 2004 when I found the Pilates Foundation Matwork training at The Place and that set me off on my journey as a teacher. My training continued with Hana Jones and Anne-Marie Zulkahari and I qualified as a studio teacher in 2011. I now have a small studio in North London.